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The role of innovation in schools

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Apr 15, 2019 6:00:00 AM

The role of innovation in schoolsThe phrase “innovate or die” wasn’t coined without reason. Innovation is defined as ‘changing processes or creating more effective processes, products and ideas.’ Innovation in schools is essential in giving children an education that is relevant in our ever-changing world. Being innovative is not just inventing new things or bringing robots into the classroom, it’s adapting a classroom environment to deliver better teaching.

Schools and classrooms are influenced by technology and innovation every day – from computer labs, software applications, the internet and social networking … even buildings, learning programmes, teaching methodology and facilities. Education informs how we solve problems, how to work with others and how we look at the world around us, and innovation helps us to do this better. Here’s why innovation in schools is vital.

1. Innovation makes learning interesting and engaging
Innovation and advances in technology help to inspire students and to keep them engaged in their learning. For example, the benefits of 3D learning include retaining students’ attention, facilitating better understanding and the prevention of misbehaviour and distraction. When innovative ideas and methods are implemented, students respond better to lessons, improve their comprehension and achieve better results.

2. Innovation allows for the efficient delivery of lessons
Another key role of innovation is that it allows teaching to be more effective, especially for students with learning difficulties. There have been many cases where assistive technology, such as digital keyboards and videos, have improved education for students with physical or learning needs, enabling them to perform tasks better, and to work in mainstream classes.

3. Innovation facilitates better collaboration 
Innovation helps facilitate improved collaboration, especially through group activities and utilising mobile and digital technology. Collaboration in the classroom helps students because it encourages them to think deeply about a subject and develop an appreciation for others’ perspectives. Teachers can collaborate through sharing lesson ideas and dividing up tasks to make classroom activities more manageable. Parents too play a crucial role in education; meaningful partnerships need to be maintained to help students’ learning. Through innovation and collaboration between students, teachers and parents a stronger learning environment can be created.

4. Innovation helps build technology-based skills
Innovation also helps students grow their confidence with technology. An example is the use of robots in the classroom. Robots are being incorporated into education in different ways – from simple ‘microprocessors on wheels’ and advanced toolkits, to ‘mindstorms’ and ‘humanoids’. Robots can play a key role as a learning tool, teaching students about robotics, coding and computer science – skills relevant in a technology-driven world.

5. Accommodates different learning patterns and needs
The way we learn is constantly evolving. Trinity Grammar School invests heavily in the professional development of our teachers to ensure our students continue to receive an education of the highest standard. Harvard’s visible thinking method has gained recognition in recent years and has seen visual learners benefit from a research-based approach applied to the thinking and brainstorming process. Innovations in teaching methodology continue to grow in order to meet the varying needs of different learners.

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