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The role of public speaking in schools

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Feb 15, 2017 6:00:00 AM

The role of public speaking in schoolsThe words ‘public speaking’ or ‘presentation’ are words that could make the best of us cringe. It involves capturing the audience’s attention and articulating ourselves seamlessly, which is no mean feat. In today’s society, communication couldn’t be more important. Without solid communication, the ability to engage, progress, converse and influence is diminished.

Public speaking can seem like a daunting task, especially for a young boy, however the process can be very beneficial to his personal development.

Here are the top 5 reasons why it is important to encourage public speaking in schools:

1. Communication
Public speaking develops important communication skills boys will need to use every day. Boys will to speak or present publicly at some point in their lives, whether it be at school, outside of the classroom or in the workplace. Public speaking develops a boy’s ability to articulate himself clearly and to concisely get his point across.

2. Confidence
Practice makes perfect, and will build your son’s confidence. By having to speak publicly on a regular basis, your son will build confidence in speaking out aloud to others and will be less inclined to stumble over his words. Communication will become more fluid and less stilted. As public speaking skills improve, your son will have the confidence to put his hand up in class, speak up if he has something to say, and engage in healthy debate. The ability to speak publicly is also an essential leadership quality. 

3. Motivation
Public speaking is designed to inspire and motivate individuals. It will allow your son to research his topic and become passionate about it so that he can share his enthusiasm with others with conviction. Skills of persuasion are developed and compelling language is explored to engage with the audience. Boys must build rapport with their audience and earn their trust. Inspiring others will build your son’s self-esteem and earn him the respect of his peers. 

4. Knowledge sharing
Public speaking involves mastering a topic and demonstrating in-depth knowledge. This requires research, organisation and structuring information to present it in the most interesting way. It provides boys with the discipline to prepare and carefully plan their approach. 

5. Experimentation
Practising public speaking at school allows your son to refine his skills in a safe environment. When boys seek advice and support, it reduces the fear of judgement. Your son can experiment with different techniques, presenting styles, vocabulary and content. It gives him the confidence to try something new and perfect his communication methods.

Public speaking will be unavoidable throughout your son’s life. Encourage your son to take advantage of public speaking opportunities and support him throughout. He will cultivate his communication skills and build confidence, self-assuredness and persuasion techniques.

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