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The secret to unlocking your son’s creativity

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Jun 14, 2017 6:00:00 AM

The secret to unlocking your son’s creativityWe sometimes talk about creativity as if it is a characteristic you either have or haven’t got, but it isn’t that black and white. If you think of creative thinking as a skill that can be taught then you open up a world of possibilities for development and growth.

While we’re all very familiar with the artistic results of creative thinking, few of us realise that it can actually be applied in the business world too – solutions to difficult problems, innovation and entrepreneurship and are all borne out of creativity. As parents, we want to see our sons express themselves with originality, so how can we help them to think more creatively?

The secret to unlocking your son’s creativity can be found in these five tips:

  1. Create the opportunity for creativity
    Providing the space and time for your son to think is one of the most important things you can do to encourage creativity. If he is continually going from one structured activity to another there is a danger he won’t get the opportunity to let his mind run wild and think outside the box. For younger boys, having a dedicated play area that includes toys like Lego and doesn’t have a tv, iPad or other electronic devices, will give them space to think and explore. While many of us dread the words, “I’m bored”, the act of being bored has actually been found to inspire creativity.

  2. Allow your son freedom to explore his interests
    If your son shows interest in a subject, encourage that interest. Providing supporting content (books, videos, information) that helps him to learn more on his subject of interest will encourage learning and creative thinking. For example, your son might like buildings, so providing architectural drawing or design books may spark an interest and begin something amazing.

  3. Encourage the arts
    There is obviously a very strong link between creativity and the arts. Music, writing, painting, drama and other related areas are the perfect platform for creating something new and developing creative tendancies. If your son enjoys guitar, you could encourage this by organising lessons, providing supporting gear, listening to music with him or even taking him to concerts of talented guitarists.

  4. Encourage your son to create his own fun
    Instead of letting your son sit on a computer, phone or game console all day, consider joining him to create something together. For example, creating your own board game is a fun activity to do together and also leaves you with a finished product that can be enjoyed in the future.

  5. Model creative behaviour
    Your children learn their behaviours by watching you, their parents. If you make an effort to indulge in your own creative interests, your son will see the advantages of creative thinking and the satisfaction it brings you, which he too could enjoy.

For over a century, Trinity Grammar School has provided a rich cultural environment enabling boys to fully explore their creativity. At Trinity, boys are exposed to fine Art and Music with the breadth of creative and performing arts being taught, encouraged and fostered by some of the most passionate and expert educators in the country.

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