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The top six benefits of peer support

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Jan 28, 2017 6:00:00 AM

The top six benefits of peer supportSupport of peers is undeniably beneficial to boys during their school years, particularly during challenging times. We all need a friend to lean on to share in the good times and the bad. Knowing they have someone to turn to who will lend support, give advice or just simply listen helps boys to maintain stability and perspective.

Although there are many benefits of peer support for boys, here are our top 6:

1. Character building and respect
Respect is a two-way street; it takes courage to ask for help and humility to provide it. When boys help and support one another, it becomes a rewarding and positive experience for both parties. It builds characters, keeps them grounded and makes them more personable – all of which are important life skills for boys to take with them throughout their lives.

2. Creating lifetime relationships and social skills
Amongst the many advantages of education, school creates genuine and lasting friendships. Boys build on those vital social skills when supporting their peers by engaging in conversation and finding common interests. They are able to develop relationships that continue to grow inside and outside of the classroom.

3. Contributing to a healthy mental state
Talking things through, no matter what the subject, can be beneficial and therapeutic. Even if it just means having a moan! Saying what’s on their mind out loud is sometimes enough to clarify their own opinion or thoughts about how they can move forward. It can’t always be all work and no play – the light relief of having a peer to talk to about a particular issue or something completely unrelated is refreshing. It gives their brains a break, allows them to focus on something else and resets their minds to tackle the task again.

4. Sharing experiences
Christopher McCandleless said, ‘Happiness is only real when shared'. Your son’s volleyball victory or improved grade is so much sweeter if they can share the joy and experience with their friends and family. The highs are heightened and the lows endurable with the support of a friend. Similarly, knowledge is more powerful when shared.

5. Creating a sense of belonging and reassurance
It comforts boys when they are reminded that they are not the only ones going through certain situations or experiences, whether it be exam stress, juggling classes and extra-curricular activities or just feeling overwhelmed. Together boys can discuss their feelings, compare notes, and gather tips and help from one other.

6. Empowering boys 
By gaining support from others, boys benefit from new thoughts, insight and perspective. They feel stronger, more positive and able to carry on knowing they have the support of their friends. Peer support builds confidence and self-esteem, helps boys maintain a sunny outlook on life and gives them the strength to handle whatever comes their way.

At Trinity Grammar School, we recognise that peer support and a strong network is necessary for boys to grow and excel. Friendships at school are nurtured and encouraged in order to provide the best environment for the boys to reach their potential.

Trinity’s Peer Support Programme aims to teach boys practical life skills that will help both themselves and their friends through times of change and adversity. Boys are encouraged to learn with their peers and to form connections with their leaders, peers and teachers, while developing values and skills that can be adapted to all aspects of their lives.

To learn about how Trinity knows what boys need to flourish, download our prospectus.

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