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Top study techniques that work for boys

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Mar 17, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Top study techniques that work for boysThere are a number of reports circulating that state boys are falling behind in their schooling. However, we believe that boys and girls have equal opportunity to succeed at school.

It is true, however, that some boys require more support and encouragement than perhaps their female counterparts do. Many parents of boys will relate to the fact that boys tend to be disorganised. They take up more ‘space’ than girls. Sometimes, they lack motivation to study or complete homework … it’s not ‘cool’ to be smart.

But it’s never too early to develop good study and homework techniques. We’ve developed our top 5 study techniques that are specifically targeted at boys. At Trinity, we know what boys need to flourish.

  1. Organisation – We suggest that parents encourage boys to establish files or binders for each subject and keep them neat. Boys should also have a dedicated place and time that study can take place each day as this will increase the likelihood of it actually happening.

  2. Routine – Establishing set routines from an early age is very important in forming good study habits. Children as young as Pre-Kindergarten can get in the habit of doing a small amount of reading each night.

  3. Stay motivated – It is important for boys to be reminded about why they are doing something. What do they want to achieve? What are they working toward? Setting reminders in their study areas that can inspire them and motivate them towards their goals can be helpful. For example, mood boards or decorations that depict their career aspirations are great visual aids.

  4. Outdoors – Boys need outdoor activity to stay motivated. There are also studies that suggest physical activity can improve learning. Encouraging boys to participate in outside play or activity can actually help their academic performance, and likely their motivation as well.

  5. Discover learning style – It is vitally important that boys discover their unique learning style. Every student’s natural learning techniques are different – some are visual learners, others ROTE, auditory or tactile. Once a boy has been able to identify which learning style he relates to, he’ll be able to harness this to get the most out of every study opportunity.

To learn more about how Trinity knows what boys need to flourish, download our prospectus.

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