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Top tips for boarders returning to school

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Jul 10, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Top tips for boarders returning to schoolSettling back into the school environment after a holiday break marks a significant point in a child’s education journey, particularly for boarding students. In some cases, boarders have difficulty settling back into the routine environment of the Boarding House especially after having experienced a glimpse of family life over the holiday period.

When preparing your child for his return to the Boarding House, it is always helpful to keep in mind the following points:

1. See that your son reviews his study timetable, making sure he has all the necessary books, timetables and planners available online or in hard copy. Boarding students need to ensure that they leave nothing at home, packing all of their study requirements.

2. If your son has recently experienced any significant changes to his health, ensure that you have correspondence from the relevant health agencies and that your son advises the Boarding Master about his condition.

3. Returning to the Boarding House is always an opportunity for a fresh start. This is a good time to re-evaluate any bad habits and establish a strategy to commence more effective habits. The Boarding Master and House Tutors can work with boarding students to make suggestions.

4. Students residing in shared rooms also have the opportunity to re-evaluate the way they communicate with their roommates. Although most shared room occupants get along very well, it’s always helpful to establish expectations and communicate clearly.

5. Conversely boarders in single rooms might find it convenient to lock themselves away. The start of term is a good time for boarders to participate in group activities to ensure they do not become isolated.

6. Boarders must ensure that they are familiar with procedures and Boarding House expectations. This is particularly a good time to review leave request processes and the scheduled compulsory weekend activities.

7. Most importantly, boarders must prepare to communicate. It is important for boarders to communicate with staff, their peers and their families. Sometimes this can prove to be more difficult than it might seem. It takes maturity and self-reflection to develop good communication skills.

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