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Top tips for holidaying with teenage boys

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Jul 5, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Top tips for holidaying with teenage boysTeenagers bring a whole new dimension to family vacations. Let’s face it, they can be somewhat less than enthusiastic about sharing quality family time together. But holidaying with teenage boys doesn’t need to provoke feelings of worry and trepidation. It can, and should be, fun!  

Here’s our top tips for surviving spending holidays with your teenagers:

1. Be prepared 
It is always helpful to plan ahead. Spending time with your son in the lead up to the holidays will ensure that you can plan for holiday activities that you know your son will enjoy.

2. Quantity is just as important has quality
While all teenagers need their space, it is very important that you spend plenty of time with your son in order to give those ‘quality’ moments a chance to shine.

3. Be flexible
Most boys will make spur of the moment decisions that will no doubt impact the best laid plans. Be prepared for these occasions to eventuate (they will happen) and make sure you’re flexible about changing plans at the last minute.

4. Don’t take rejection personally
Just because your child changes his mind about activities you had planned, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to spend time with you.

5. Aim to stimulate your son’s curiosity
Planning holidays that involve your son in plenty of physical and mental activity will result in great shared experiences. Some ideas that boys will feel particularly engaged with include, hiking, camping, surfing and visiting galleries, museums and historical locations.

6. Include activities that your son particularly enjoys
Ensuring that you allow for at least a few activities to be based on your son’s interests will increase his feelings of enjoyment, provide opportunities for shared experiences and communicate that you know your son.

7. Plan to be busy
Seek out activities that demand early rises and keep your teenager active all day. Hopefully they will be near exhaustion by the end of the day!

Most importantly, holidays are intended to be enjoyable and fun. They are about creating memories and spending quality time together as a family.

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