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Trinity news: Reflections from Year 6 leavers

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Nov 10, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Trinity news: Reflections from Year 6 leaversIn Trinity news, we asked students from the Preparatory School for their reflections on different aspects of their time in primary school.

Chris Chin, Preparatory School Captain

As I near the end of Year 6, I will deeply miss the Preparatory School. However, I am looking forward to many things next year in high school. We get to make new friends with more people coming in to the Middle School, and instead of being in a single classroom, we need to move around to different classrooms and interact with different teachers. Throughout the eight years of primary school, Trinity has provided a friendly environment, with teachers developing me in mind, body and spirit.

Reilly Farrell, School Officer

I have been at the Preparatory School for over three years and I have had so many great experiences. Throughout my time at the Preparatory School I have participated in many school camps. The camps I have been in started at three days and two nights and I made my way up to Year 6 which means that we were away for five days and four nights. These camps were a great experience because we mostly learned outside instead of inside a classroom. Another great experience was the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition. The PYP Exhibition is where we get split up into groups and choose a local issue to inquire into. As we learn about our specific issue we put together an Exhibition showing our learning. One night in Term 4 we present our exhibits. I think that the PYP Exhibition was a great experience because we learned so much about the issues going on around the world. I think that everything we do at the Preparatory School is a great experience and we have learned a lot.

Marcus Smith, School Vice-Captain

One thing that I enjoyed about Preparatory School are the vast opportunities to help build the School as a Vice Captain. Throughout my schooling, I had the opportunity to attend the Trinity Action Group, along with other boys, to talk to Head Master Bowden and visit other ways that we can help to try to continue to improve our School. Also, there is a wide range of co-curricular activities ranging from choirs to robotic clubs. I have visited several of these and throughout the whole hour that you are there you cannot stop seeing smiling faces.

Dhruv Bharadwaj, School Officer

In the 12 years of my life, my relationship with Trinity Preparatory School at Strathfield is special to me. We changed our residence four times, but our school, not even once. So how do I feel knowing that I have only three more weeks left in Preparatory School? Scared! The feeling didn’t hit me until this Term. Since the beginning of Year 6, I was enjoying being one of the senior students and a School Officer. It’s only when you’re about to lose something that its importance dawns upon you. Growing up at Trinity has been filled with fun, excitement, and challenges. I had my moments of glory and episodes of embarrassment.

Trinity has a unique culture of celebrating each student as an individual, bringing out the best in them, never judging, gently nudging them in the right direction. For me personally, Trinity has been the place where my passion for singing was given a platform and my creative writing was nourished. Trinity feels like a home and the staff, teachers and students are a family. I am going to miss my friends, teachers and campus. Once I leave here, I know that I will lose the privilege of being a child who is allowed to make a few mistakes here and there without having to worry about the consequences.

As sad as I am to leave the Preparatory School, I am filled with excitement to start the next chapter of my life. I feel mature and confident enough to embark on this and become a responsible young adult. I hope I will be able to meet the expectations placed on me by my teachers and family, and the high standards that I have set for myself. The only two words I have for Trinity Grammar School Preparatory School are, ‘Thank you.’

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