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Trinity shines at NSW All Schools Track and Field Championships

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Oct 27, 2017 6:00:00 AM

edited_271017 Latest ews Track and field 2-664883-edited.jpgThe NSW All Schools Track and Field Championships were held recently over four days at Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre. Over 2000 athletes from across all NSW school sectors (government, cathothic and independent) competed to be crowned the best in the State.

Trinity Grammar School had the highest representation with 52 athletes giving it their all in an attempt to run the fastest, jump the highest and throw the furthest, and amidst some fierce competition, they managed to top the medal tally!

At the conclusion of the gripping and epic competition, Trinity Grammar School brought home an astonishing 27 medals, 13 national qualifiers and seven School records, achieving its best ever result collectively as a school.

When asked about stand-out performances, Trinity Grammar School Director of Track and Field, Andrew Murphy said, “It’s difficult to single out stand-out performances when 27 medals were won, however Alexander Kolesnikoff of Year 12 broke the State and Meet records in the Under 18 Shot Put throwing a massive 20.69 metres and Theo Kidd of Year 9 also broke a Meet record in the 200 metres Hurdles running a time of 26.9 seconds.”

With 14 gold medals, the champion athletes were:

Alexander Kolesnikoff (Year 12)
Shot Put - 20.69m (State Record, Meet Record, School Record)
Hammer Throw - 61.62m
Discus Throw - 58.14m (School Record)

Sebastien Moir (Year 12 2017)
200m - 22.04s
400m - 48.61s

Albert Swann (Year 12 2017)
110m Hurdles - 14.09s (School Record)

Angus Clark (Year 12)
High Jump - 2.00m (School Record)

Connor Murphy (Year 11)
Triple Jump - 14.14m

Theo Kidd (Year 9)
High Jump - 1.89m
200m Hurdles - 26.39s (Meet Record)

Joshua Yeoh (Year 10)
Javelin Throw - 47.99m (School Record)

Jack Greaves (Year 8)
Hammer Throw - 27.17m
Javelin Throw - 36.98m

Sebastien Ghisso (Year 8)
80m Hurdles - 14.13s

Our five silver medallists were:

Ethan Brouw (Year 10)
1500m - 4.09.58s (School Record)

Thomas Virgona (Year 10)
800m - 2.00.28s

Jack Bermingham (Year 11)
Javelin Throw - 48.42m

Ethan Bateman (Year 10)
100m Hurdles - 13.70s

Theo Christian (Year 9)
1500m - 4.30.95s

Our eight bronze medals were won by:

Ben Austin (Year 12)
Javelin Throw - 54.14m

Connor Murphy (Year 11)
Long Jump - 6.32m

Ethan Bateman (Year 10)
200m Hurdles - 26.82s
Pole Vault – 3.10m

Seamus O'Connor (Year 10)
Javelin Throw - 47.23m

Theo Kidd (Year 8)
100m Hurdles - 13.81s

Caiden Cleary (Year 8)
800m - 2.21.23s
1500m - 4.57.85s

Other Top 10 noteworthy results:

Byron Hollingworth-Dessent (Year 12)
5th Place 100m – 11.12s

Calvin Li (Year 12)
6th Place 100m - 11.23s
10th place Long Jump - 5.95m

Lelland Hui (Year 12)
5th place 800m – 2.03.47s
7th place 1500m – 4:15.05s

Nathaniel Davies (Year 12)
7th place 800m – 2.06.68s

Alex Chow (Year 12)
8th place 800m – 2.12.33s

Justin McNamara (Year 11)
4th place Discus – 43.28m

Benjamin Bishop (Year 11)
5th place 2000m Steeplechase – 6:37.66s

Thomas Virgona (Year 10)
6th place 400m – 53.56s

Ethan Bateman (Year 10)
9th place Long Jump – 5.41m

Patrick Cantlon (Year 9)
4th place – 9.50.71s (School Record)

James Park (Year 10)
4th place 200m Hurdles – 28.16s
5th place 100m Hurdles – 14.40s

Finn Murphy (Year 10)
4th place Triple Jump – 11.74m
9th place High Jump – 1.60m

Asher Wilson (Year 10)
9th place 400m – 53.71s

Theo Christian (Year 9)
4th place 800m – 2.10.38s

Jack Greaves (Year 8)
5th place Discus – 40.56m

Daniel Cattana (Year 8)
6th place 400m – 57.97s
7th place Long Jump – 5.22m
10th place 200m – 26.02s

Michael Park (Year 8)
8th place Triple Jump – 10.23m
9th place 90m Hurdles – 14.63s

William Moir (Year 8)
9th place High Jump – 1.60m

Sebastian Ghisso (Year 8)
5th place 100m – 14.13s

Lewis Potter (Year 8)
5th place 1500m – 5:01.16

Zachary Pliatsikas (Year 8)
6th place 800m – 2.26.91s
6th place 1500m – 5:04.55s

We congratulate our boys on this stellar effort and pay tribute to their hours of dedication, persistence and level of focus that saw them come out of the competition victorious.

Trinity Grammar School has been educating boys for over a century and we know what boys need to truly flourish and succeed. With sport playing a major role in their education, Trinity boys are taught to lose with dignity and win with grace. To find out why Trinity is a leader in boys education and to learn more about the Trinity difference, sign up to our enewsletter.

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