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Trinity students at the forefront of the latest technology advances

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on May 3, 2016, 6:00:00 AM

Trinity students at the forefront of the latest technology advancesStudents in Year 6, 7 and 8 from Trinity Grammar School were among the first to experience the latest technology advances through a 360 degree perspective of Sydney’s Opera House using the latest virtual reality technology, which is made up of just a piece of cardboard and a smartphone.

The online display is part of Google’s Cultural Institute and includes 50 online exhibits that allow people to discover rare images, performances, historical documents, interviews and street-view imagery with Google Cardboard.

People with Google Cardboard or another virtual reality headset can experience a 360 degree view of the Opera House.

The online exhibit features more than 1,000 artifacts about the Opera House, including early designs from architect Jorn Utzon, rare photographs and a detailed look at the building’s mechanical organ.

The Trinity students attended the Google Cardboard launch at the Opera House on Wednesday 27 April and were impressed with the capabilities of this immersive experience.

Year 6 student, Nick Field, and his friends were excited to have been invited to attend the launch event. “You can basically see a 360 degree view of anywhere in the Opera House,” Nick said.

“My favourite part is watching the orchestra – I used to play the clarinet, so that was pretty cool."

Every student received their own Google Cardboard viewer, where a smartphone is placed in the back of the cardboard viewer and viewed through the lenses in the front.

Home enthusiasts can buy a Google Cardboard viewer from Google’s website or assemble and customize their own by printing out a template from Google.

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