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Trinity students create impressive major works

Posted by Michael Leadbeatter on Sep 16, 2017 6:00:00 AM

300x200px_160917 design tech-754234-edited.jpgBy Michael Leadbeatter, Dean of Technological and Applied Studies

The Technological and Applied Studies Department at Trinity Grammar School has had another busy year. I would like to recognise the great work of our students – we are so proud of their unique achievements. I’d also like to thank our staff members who have dedicated themselves to ensuring Technological and Applied Studies students get the best possible opportunities. They have spent many hours undertaking professional development, making sure they keep up-to-date with the latest technological and educational practices.

Our Higher School Certificate (HSC) and International Baccalaureate (IB) Year 12 students have recently completed their major projects for assessment, capping off many hours of hard work and producing some excellent innovative and practical projects.

Trinity students create impressive major works throughout their schooling, but this year’s HSC Industrial Technology works are a stand-out. The creative pieces show a high level of craftsmanship and range from a marquetry bench seat, to a wooden bicycle, to a rugged blackbutt work bench.

Here’s a look at the HSC Timber Products and Furniture Technologies works. 

The HSC Design and Technology projects for 2017 saw boys thinking about their community and focused on finding unique solutions for problems. The works include a smart watch for people who suffer from anxiety, an innovative camera tripod bracket, and an interactive software programme that attempts to addresses bullying in schools.

Not to be outdone, our IB Design Technology students produced some equally impressive projects, which include an electronic system for keeping track of students on excursions, a multi-adjustable terrarium for reptiles, a mood lighting system and some innovative methods of supporting laptops.

The computing students within the Technological and Applied Studies department have also undertaken many interesting projects throughout this year.

In Information Software and Technology, Year 10 students learnt about circuits and created games. Year 9 students programmed robots to play soccer as well as using their mobile phones to create 360 degree tours of the School.

Information Processes and Technology students have pulled apart laptops, made YouTube videos to describe the components and then put them back together again – most of them still working!

Year 12 Software Design and Development students have created games for their major works involving one to four players using the programming language Delphi.

Trinity Vocational Academic Courses (TVAC) continue to be popular at Trinity.  This year Construction students got busy with the new competency of brick and block laying, whilst Information and Digital Technology students built their own computer. Hospitality students catered for the Careers Expo and completed a barista course and Electrotechnology students built an electric motor.

Trinity Grammar School is committed to developing and challenging the minds of young men, whilst providing a wealth of opportunities to help them realise their unique potential, passion and purpose. We offer three courses in the senior years including the HSC, IB and TVAC to allow your son to choose the pathway best suited to his interests, abilities and learning style.

To learn more about the Trinity difference and the academic pathways on offer, download our prospectus.

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