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Trinity’s approach to career planning

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Apr 8, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Trinity’s approach to career planningIn the midst of all the demands that school makes on young people, it is often difficult for them to see past Year 12, let alone make decisions about what to do after school and plan how to get there.

While some young people have a clear career path in mind and find the process of choosing a first career exciting and empowering, for many young people, it can be difficult to take a step back and look at the options objectively. Making the best career choices requires:

  • Self-awareness and knowledge of personal strengths and preferences
  • an understanding of what different occupations encompass.

Trinity’s approach to career planning saw Year 10 students complete a series of assessments designed to help build a personalised career profile. The assessments measured verbal, numerical, abstract, spatial and mechanical abilities. Students also answered a careers interest questionnaire to uncover their individual interests, talents, aspirations, and determine the nature of their personality and employment preferences.

This assessment process helps to identify the kind of working environments that are best suited to individual students taking into consideration their areas of interest. Information gathered through these assessments was presented to Trinity boys and their parents in a comprehensive report called the Morrisby Profile that included suggestions for career and study options suited to each individual.

In order to provide parents with information about the assessment process and the Morrisby Profile Reports they, along with their Year 10 sons, were invited to attend a Careers Information evening. Parents were also given strategies to support their sons through the career decision-making process.

While no careers test can give 'the answer' (as there is no single answer), the Morrisby Report helps many students to understand their potential and provides much of the information needed to make course and career decisions.

Parents’ reflections from the Trinity Careers Information evening were overwhelmingly positive. They reported that the process helped them to know their boys better and provided valuable insight into what subjects their son should select for Year 11. It also helped parents and their sons to consider a variety options and for many, confirmed that they are heading in the right direction. A Trinity education is the optimal foundation from which your son can pursue his future study and vocational interests, as well as to nurture his capacity for lifelong learning. By truly getting to know your son’s abilities and interests, his hopes and fears, we can understand, encourage and inspire him in a way unique to Trinity Grammar School.

Your son will be encouraged to live out his unique potential, passions and purpose in life with confidence in our emerging global community. To learn more about the Trinity difference subscribe to our newsletter:

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