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Trinity's tilt to Vivid Sydney

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Jun 4, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Trinity's tilt to Vivid SydneyTrinity’s Art Festival began early for our Year 7 and 8 students when they had an opportunity to work on a large scale artwork from concept to completion.

In May, the year cohort was broken into class groups of approximately 18 students and they then worked in pairs to design an artwork in response to the theme given to them and within the constraints of materials and size.

This year the theme was a tilt to VIVID Sydney. The year groups had to construct a sculpture from paper and wood. The sculpture was to be assembled into a larger frame that holds the group's work, and then be joined to other groups’ frames to create a circular sculpture installation that will be set up in the Compass Courtyard of the School at the Friday Night Fever event on Friday 3 June.

You can view Trinity’s full Arts Festival programme here.

Watch how our Years 7 and 8 embraced the challenge in this short video:

The students were very focused on the task. They created individual responses to the shapes and forms to be made by the pairs within the group; coloured the surface with consideration of how it would look after construction; designed the structure and worked out how to build it; and, then they glued it together with hot glue.

This task revealed a lot about collaboration and how to successfully work in a team. The boys applied themselves to solving problems with design and construction creatively and were totally engrossed in the process. They worked well right through to the end, eager to have their work completed.

The final designs are exciting in form, brightly coloured and will respond well to being back lit to show the effect when assembled. It was one of the most successful days of art making as part of Trinity’s Arts Festival for many years. All students were happy with their work and enjoyed the project.

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