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VET courses prepare boys for jobs of the future

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Apr 9, 2016 6:00:00 AM

VET courses prepare boys for jobs of the futureIn New South Wales, one third of Year 11 and Year 12 students undertake a VET (Vocational Education and Training) course as part of their Higher School Certificate*. Increasingly, one in three Year 11 and 12 students are choosing VET courses.

At Trinity, our VET programme is focused on engaging boys in practical and meaningful education that equips them with industry-recognised skills while exercising and expanding boys’ minds and imaginations. This reflects Trinity’s commitment to providing an extensive range of education programmes to help boys realise their talents, passions and purpose in life.

According to Dr Frederick Osman, Director of Vocational Education and RTO Manager at Trinity, VET courses prepare boys for jobs of the future and the shifting employment market.

“We have seen VET courses help our students make career decisions, give them a head start, and make their transition into the workplace much easier. Our students are the future Australian workforce and they will need the capacity to innovate and respond flexibly to the changing demands of the workplace and job market. VET courses provide this platform, so the increasing popularity of these courses today is no surprise to me. The courses prepare students for professional work by providing a congruency between school and work,” said Dr Osman.

Vocational courses focus on developing industry-recognised skills, and engage in practical education that prepares boys for the workforce or further training. A large feature of training in VET courses is hands-on experience, which many boys enjoy. Research shows that students who undertake VET as part of their HSC have better job prospects because of the skills they have gained.

Features of Trinity’s VET Programme

Instructional approach: Each course is an instructional course that helps to encourage and engage students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills which they will carry with them throughout their lifetimes.

Mandatory work placement: Each VET course has a mandatory work placement component, amounting to one week in each of the two years.

Experienced educators: Trinity attracts experienced educators trained to teach and assess these courses at the School.

Each VET course provides boys with opportunities to:

  • acquire a range of technical, practical, personal and organisational skills valued both within and beyond the workplace;
  • acquire underpinning knowledge and skills related to work, employment and further training;
  • gain experiences that can be applied in a range of contexts, including work, study and leisure; and
  • make informed career choices and improve transition from school to work.

In addition, the VET programme now also includes School Based Traineeship opportunities to help boys at Trinity with both employment outcomes and academic credit when they leave school.

Dr Osman states that “Offering SBTs, something very unusual among schools such as Trinity, demonstrates the School’s commitment to try to accommodate the varying needs and aptitudes of our boys through the range of academic options we offer to them in their senior years. School Based Traineeships provide a school-to-work pathway that allows students to undertake approved training in conjunction with employment in order to enhance their skill level and future employment prospects. At the same time, they gain credit towards their HSC. School Based Traineeships provide students with the opportunity to attain nationally recognised Vocational Education and Training qualification, as well as their HSC, while gaining valuable work skills and experience through paid employment. If a student wishes to pursue a career in this industry after Year 12 and is successful in gaining further employment, credit is given for the completed traineeship.”

To learn more about how Trinity knows what boys need to flourish, download our prospectus.

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