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What it means to be a school leader

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Jun 10, 2017 6:00:00 AM

100617 student Trenton La.jpgWhat it means to be a school leader is a great ride of thrills and duties.

Our duties started after we went to the National Young Leaders Day. We had five speakers and two hosts there on the day. It was great fun and we were all inspired to help others and keep our duties up.

As a School Officer, my duties include: infant playground (recess and lunch), primary assembly, Leaders’ Corner and Morning Prayer.

For the infant playground duties, we open the equipment, play with the younger boys and help the teachers. This lets us help a large amount of the people in the Junior School and is very rewarding.

When we help with assembly, we introduce all the items and class items, make speeches, lead prayers and help hand out all the awards. We work on a roster so every week there is a different pair of leaders helping with assembly.

Leaders’ Corner happens every week at the primary assembly. As leaders, we talk about the things that have happened in the last week or so and try to give a message of encouragement or reflection. The School Officers work together to organise these messages as well.

As a School Officer, we try to help everyone with the time we have.

Trinity Grammar School aims to develop young men through a thoroughly holistic approach to education. Opportunities to enhance the mind, body and spirit are facilitated through a range of educative experiences, with Community Service being a feature of each Trinity boy’s learning. Additionally, our Christian mission in providing service to others is the practical outworking of one’s faith in Christ.

At Trinity, we believe that great opportunities are borne out of service to others, and that these experiences further enhance the learning opportunities for its boys as they discover their potential, passions and purpose in life. To experience the Trinity difference, register for our Open Day:

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