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When to start looking for schools

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Sep 7, 2016 6:00:00 AM

When to start looking for schoolsThe decision about when to start looking for schools for your child depends on many factors: the age of your child, school entry level, your child’s interests, talents or special needs and your own experiences with the education system. One thing is certain however – it is never too soon to start your research.

The education of children is an investment that will pay dividends as they learn to navigate the classroom, playground and various social settings that all take place in a school environment. The ultimate return on this investment is when young adults leave secondary education as well-balanced, caring, responsible and confident members of society.

It may sound like a strange notion, but you do not need to wait until you are a parent before beginning the journey of looking for schools, particularly if you want to send your child to a non-government school. On the other hand, some parents prefer to wait until they can see the child’s temperament and likes and dislikes before deciding on the style of education best suited to them. For example, some children may display an early interest in music, sport or art, or have specific learning needs, which will all influence the decision about schooling. Decisions about school type will also be influenced by your personal experience of school.

If looking to send your child to a school with a very high demand, it pays to start early. Some schools are so in demand that parents are advised to submit an application as soon as their child is born.

The earlier you begin your investigations, the better prepared you will be for making this important decision. By starting early you allow yourself plenty of time to attend open days to get a feel for each school’s learning environment, ask questions and be in a position where you have options.

For parents looking for a secondary school for their child, the decision about when to start looking will depend on the type of schooling. For private schools, it is advised that you carry out your investigations as early as possible, as demand for secondary schools is often greater than for primary schools. For other non-government schools, applications may only be accepted up to two years prior to starting, but your research should begin well before this time.

At Trinity, we thoroughly enjoy having conversations with parents of toddlers about their primary education options, as well as with young men considering embarking on an education at Trinity for Middle and Senior School.

One of the distinct opportunities at Trinity is that parents may approach the School at any time during their decision making process for a private tour with either the Primary or Secondary Registrar. This is an essential part of the process carried out during School hours so that you can see the School in action. Trinity also offers an Open Day each term at our Pre-Kindergarten, Preparatory, Junior, and Middle/Senior campuses. 

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