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Why being involved in sport is important to your son's school life

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Aug 23, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Why  being involved in sport is important to your son's school lifeTrinity Grammar School aims to develop young men through a thoroughly holistic approach to education. A boy’s school life should include a range of opportunities to enhance the mind, body and spirit. The chance to learn and develop through involvement in sport is a compulsory feature of each Trinity boy’s education.

Research about young people and their involvement in sport points to improved health outcomes such as:

  • reducing obesity
  • decreasing sedentary behaviour
  • improving cardiovascular fitness, co-ordination and the strength of muscles and bones
  • optimising cognitive function
  • mental health benefits.

Sport can potentially also enhance personal and social skills. Sport encourages teamwork – no matter how talented an individual is, without working together, a team will not perform at its best. Sport can help develop your son’s leadership and decision making skills. Making judgements on the fly about how to defend or attack, reading the play to make quick decisions, and communication on and off the field are all important skills that can be applied outside of sport.

Participation in sport can also help build self-esteem, but not just when winning. Small accomplishments and mastering of skills all assist in the building of self-esteem. In addition, friendships forged and simply being involved in a team can aid to build self-esteem.

Another positive influence of participation in sport is the building of resilience and confidence. While the feeling of winning is undoubtedly exhilarating and builds confidence, at Trinity we also aim to teach our boys how to win with grace. Losing also has a vital role to play as it assists in building resilience and teaches boys how to lose with integrity and manage their emotions. It can also give boys an ambition to do better.

The interaction between teachers and students in sport can be a fun and collaborative exercise that can improve relationships.

At Trinity each teacher must participate in the sports curriculum. This allows Trinity boys to interact with their teachers outside of the academic environment, and build social relationships that often improve the dynamics in the classroom and may translate into positive impacts on student learning.

Sport at Trinity is not simply an adjunct to boys’ education but integral to it – being involved in sport is important to achieving a well-rounded school life.

Our aim at Trinity, in all that we do, is to provide the very best environment for our boys to flourish and develop their God-given talents. The unique programme of sport that we provide at Trinity, plays a key role in this aim in many direct and indirect ways.

To discover how some of our students have successfully managed to balance academic and co-curricular commitments in the past watch our Trinity in Action videos and hear our students speak about their journeys.

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