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Why boys need an education in the outdoors

Posted by Bradley Barr on Aug 3, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Why boys need an education in the outdoorsBoys are biologically engineered to be active - they like to push themselves and to take risks. One of the programmes at Trinity Grammar School enables them to challenge themselves in the pristine beauty of the Australian bush.

The Year 9 Field Studies Programme provides the opportunity for groups of Trinity boys to get away from the contemporary, urban environment, with all of its distractions and busyness, and engage in outdoor adventure activities.

As part of this residential programme, the boys’ understanding and appreciation of the natural environment is enhanced by living away from home at the School’s dedicated Field Studies Centre at Woollamia, close to Jervis Bay on the beautiful south coast of New South Wales.

The programme is the School’s flagship outdoor experience. Boys spend four weeks living in a close-knit, interdependent community, learning to be co-operative, and taking responsibility for themselves. The temptations of social media, the internet, gaming, mobile phones and television are removed allowing the boys the opportunity to interact and strengthen bonds with each other, and to reflect on their values and beliefs.

The outdoor programme sets physical challenges which tests the boys both mentally and physically in a safe and controlled environment. By tapping into the boys’ desire for challenges, the programme gives them a sense of independence and achievement – important for adolescent development.

At Trinity, we believe a busy young man is a happy young man, and the Field Studies Programme is an aspect of School life that boys often reflect on with great fondness.

We know what boys need to flourish. If you would like to discover more about why boys need an education in the outdoors or the education opportunities at Trinity Grammar School, book a tour with us today.

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