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Why boys should be involved in co-curricular activities

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Apr 17, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Why boys should be involved in co-curricular activitiesAt Trinity Grammar School, boys come to school to learn – but learning is not limited to the classroom. We believe that co-curricular activities are essential to growing well-rounded boys, building their self-confidence and further enhancing their connection to the School.

Below we outline six reasons why boys should be involved in co-curricular activities:

1. Develop social skills
Some boys may struggle more than others in social situations at school. Starting a new co-curricular activity could introduce your son to like-minded peers and support the development of their social skills and friendship groups.

2. Discover new talents
Trying new things opens the opportunity for self-discovery. The broad range of co-curricular activities available at Trinity offers plenty of opportunities for your son to discover new interests or talents across many different fields of learning.

3. Improves time management
Having to manage another activity on top of existing schoolwork encourages boys to develop time management skills in order to cope with the requirements of their education. Learning how to prioritise activities and manage their capacity will set up good habits for future study and work. In fact, at Trinity we’ve found that boys that take on co-curricular activities tend to do well academically.

4. Encourages commitment
Consistent participation in a co-curricular activity builds an understanding of commitment and provides developmental and educational benefits for your son. Your son can develop skills in areas he might not have previously considered which may benefit him long into the future.

5. Develop self-esteem
New found skills and friendships can result in the growth of your son’s self-esteem. Having positive self-esteem and self-confidence encourages boys to try new things and helps the process of self-discovery. Teenagers often struggle with self-esteem as they move through puberty, so giving them a focus through co-curricular activities is often very helpful to their development and learning. 

6. Attracts future employers 
Although your son might not be seeking employment for a few years, being able to show a future employer that you were a dedicated chess player or Cadet leader at school shows personality, development, and skills in areas other than that of the job. Many employees look for well-rounded individuals with a diverse range of skills. 

Trinity Grammar School provides an extensive range of co-curricular activities for your son to discover and develop his skills and talents. We know what boys need to flourish. The compulsory Co-Curricular Programme involves activities that are aimed at developing important skills in leadership, communication, performance, creativity, decision-making, cooperation and service.

From Creative Arts and Sport to Debating and Cadets, Co-Curricular activities at Trinity are vital in developing boys’ mind, body and spirit and giving them self-confidence and a sense of belonging.

The education of your son extends well beyond the four walls of the classroom. A well-rounded education comes from many different aspects of your son’s schooling at Trinity. For more information on the Co-Curricular activities that we offer at Trinity, download our prospectus.

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