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Why boys should practise good manners

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Feb 9, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Why boys should practice good manners“Manners don’t cost a thing!” is something you might have heard over the years, most likely from your own parents. That is because good manners are a timeless attribute that everyone, especially young boys, should aspire to exhibit throughout their lives. Boys that mind their Ps and Qs from an early age build a solid foundation for their character development. Good manners can assist with building relationships, developing personality and they provide norms for which society maintains order.

Here are the top 5 reasons why boys should practise good manners:

1. Respect
Being polite and courteous to one another signifies mutual respect. Boys will engage on a higher level if there is respect and understanding between them. If a boy converses and presents himself in a way that he in turn would like to experience from a peer, it will make him more personable and pave the way for solid friendships. If boys have respect for themselves, they will feel more positive and confident, and enjoy a higher self-esteem.

2. Values
Practising good manners is important to instil genuine values for life. Your son’s behaviour guides his moral compass and gives those around him an essence of who he is. It will increase his ability to deal with adverse situations and compel him to act honestly, bravely and virtuously, which is what you hope for as a parent.

3. Character 
Character building starts at a young age, so it’s important to build the right foundations. To enforce good manners at home requires rules and defines accountable behaviour for boys. Remember you are your child’s first teacher so try to lead by example. This key learning teaches boys appreciation, patience and humility. It reminds boys that things need to be worked towards and good behaviour will be rewarded.

4. Relationships 
Peers, parents and teachers will react to how boys speak to and treat them. For favourable and positive interactions, good manners  are critical. If boys demonstrate respect and moral values they tend to feel happier, and appear more approachable and confident. Respectful manners can build social skills and can inadvertently increase a boy’s likeability, creating harmonious relationships as a result. After all, you catch more flies with honey, than vinegar!

5. Development 
Honourable manners equip boys for their journey through life. They prepare them for the working environment where professional manners and respect welcome positive attention. Good manners show maturity, development of character and send out the right impression to others. They will shape how your son handles situations and can encourage a calm and collected approach. Your son will be better prepared to deal with stress and adversity in his life – a crucial and underestimated skill he may put into practice frequently in this busy, fast-paced world.

Boys are impressionable and evolving individuals that have many lessons to learn. Minding their Ps and Qs is more than just table manners or saying “please” and “thank you”. Good manners can provide the building blocks for emotional development, friendships and empathy. No matter how generations of boys may differ, manners, respect and moral values will always serve them well throughout their lives.

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