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Why diversity matters in schools

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Jul 15, 2016 6:00:00 AM

150716_Why-diversity-matters-in-schools_300x200px.jpgDiversity is more than paying heed to buzz-words such as harmony, inclusion and understanding, it is about action. At its’ core, diversity is about justice and fairness and removing the artificial barriers to opportunity provided by such indicators as race, ethnicity, gender and socio economic status. We all agree that without such barriers the world has an opportunity to put an end to the terror that greets us nightly on the news. But how do we move beyond the rhetoric and bring about meaningful and lasting diversity?

There are many reasons why diversity matters in school communities. At Trinity, our boys are taught that communication skills are not simply about how they communicate in oral and written forms, but also how they listen. It is by listening to others that true understanding occurs. They are taught that charity is not always about raising funds for others less fortunate, sometimes it is about advocating on behalf of those groups and inspiring others into action in their own lives. This requires genuine understanding and empathy.

Trinity students are also taught that diversity does not always present itself at the gates of the School and that they must seek out opportunities to immerse themselves in its richness. Service Week challenges students to travel to our ‘red centre’ to live with the Walpiri and Anmatjere people, or fly to Hong Kong to understand homelessness in a global context. The IB CAS programme asks our students to ‘Think Globally and Act Locally’ with the emphasis on service in one’s own community. The Trinity Cultural Awareness co-curricular activity aims at bringing diversity to the daily events we enjoy in our own school community.

With these opportunities to revel in the benefits that diversity brings, we acknowledge that this is just the start of a long journey, and perseverance and resilience will need to be our close travel companions at each step. Despite the challenges, there are few journeys more important in our time.

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