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Why join the P&F at your child’s school?

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Feb 25, 2019 6:00:00 AM

Why join the P&F at your child’s school?As a parent, there are many ways in which you can support your children at school, including meeting staff and teachers, attending school assemblies, helping out at school events and being part of the Parents and Friends (P&F) group, sometimes known as Parents and Citizens (P&C).

Why join the P&F? As part of the P&F, you can have a real on-the-ground impact in the school community. The main purpose of the P&F is to support the school for the benefit of all students. This is achieved by leading and participating in areas such as planning and resourcing, school functions, fundraising activities, creating links to the broader community and offering feedback when it comes to issues of financial planning and school policy.

Here are a few benefits to joining your school’s Parents and Friends group:

1. You have a closer connection to your child’s education
You’ll have direct access to the Head of the school and other members of staff. This allows access to more information as well as detailed explanations of, and background to, the school’s decisions, rather than just hearing about the results of a discussion.

Joining the P&F is also one of the best ways to show your children how much you value their education and how interested you are in what they do. You are demonstrating to your children how committed you are to helping students and the school community.

2. You can make a difference in the school
One of the key advantages of belonging to the P&F is that you can share your thoughts and offer a level of input into the operations of the school. You have the opportunity to vote on issues such as what the school uniform looks like, how fundraising money is spent and the way the canteen works. As a member of the P&F, you can have your say about issues of concern and school policies.

Your involvement also has significant benefits for the school. The greater the input from parents, the more ideas and solutions the school has to work with in order to improve the school experience for students.

3. You feel part of the community
Being part of the P&F means you are part of a team with other parents of children within the school community. This presents a great opportunity to meet parents of your child’s friends and find friends of your own. You also get to know more about the school’s teachers and staff.

It doesn’t necessarily require a significant time commitment – even if you can only attend a P&F meeting once in a while, there is a place for you to belong and contribute to the school.

At Trinity, we celebrate families and all they do for their children and the community. We believe in working collaboratively with parents and students in a supportive Christian environment to ensure our boys realise their full potential, embrace their passions and find their life’s purpose.

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