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Why outdoor education is important for boys

Posted by Milton Cujes on Feb 10, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Why outdoor education is important for boysUpon leaving Trinity Grammar School, many Year 12 boys reflect on their Outdoor Education time as one of the highlights of their education experience.

Outdoor Education is vastly different to most of our boys’ daily lives - novel events, places and stimuli are standard practice for an Outdoor Education programme. When students participate in these activities, we are not only teaching them how to recreate safely in the outdoors, we are also creating memories. Memories that clearly leave a lasting impression.

Recent trends in outdoor education have been focused on the idea that the brain is not a static organ, but one that changes throughout our life.

Studies around the brain’s hippocampus have shown that it has a central role in the formation of memories and therefore the entire learning process. What is valuable to understand is that the hippocampus grows when stimulated by novel events, places and other stimuli. What could provide more novelty from the classroom than an outdoor education programme?

At Trinity, all students have the opportunity to step outside their comfort zone and participate in the Outdoor Education programme.

Building on this successful programme, the School recently purchased land near Jervis Bay to establish a brand new purpose-built Trinity Environmental and Field Studies Centre. This facility will further enhance the learning opportunities for our boys as they discover their God-given potential, passions and purpose in life.

The Centre will deliver best practice in boys’ education in academic and outdoor educational pursuits, provide ample memory-making opportunities and facilitate the brain to grow.

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