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Why parent teacher interviews matter in education

Posted by Alan Harper on Dec 2, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Why parent-teacher interviews matter in educationParent teacher interviews are valuable occasions at Trinity Grammar School.

From a teacher’s point of view, one never looks at a boy in the same way again, once one has met his parents. Even in that brief encounter, the boy takes on a new dimension. He is a member of a family, frequently a brother as well as a son. His parents are proud of him, and have aspirations, concerns and anxieties. There is often a background that is fleshed out. The boy ceases to be a two dimensional character in a cast of 20-something, and becomes, in the teacher’s mind, more of the individual that he is.

From the parents’ point of view, meeting the teacher puts a face to the name. The teacher also takes on the form of a rounded individual, rather than the stereotype conveyed to them in their son’s reports. The teacher is able to give them a balanced perspective on their son’s progress, not in great detail, but with the main emphases made clear. Usually this is reassuring; most boys at Trinity are indeed working and progressing well.

More importantly, the interview begins a relationship between parents and teachers upon which both can subsequently build. It is so much easier, for both parties, to pick up the phone to call someone whom they have met, albeit briefly. It is so much easier, come the end of the year, for the teacher to write a report comment for parents whom they have met and know, even if only a little.

We are all beneficiaries of these occasions, but most of all, they are valuable for the boys and their educational development.

At Trinity, we value the relationship between home and school. In addition to parent-teacher interviews, we offer many opportunities for parents to be involved in their son’s education. One of our most popular calendar events is our annual Year 7 Swap Day – where parents replace their son at school for a day, participating in classroom activities and getting a true feel for his school day experiences.

To learn more about how Trinity parents can become involved in their son’s education, download our Swap Day video here.


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