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Why performance spaces are crucial for excellence

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Jul 1, 2019 6:00:00 AM

Why performance spaces are crucial for excellencePioneering studies released in the 21st century have found there is a robust connection between learning spaces and learning outcomes. A Harvard study that examined the foundations for student success, discovered that environmental exposures in school buildings can impact student health, thinking and performance. Strategic use of space can positively impact the education journey – both teachers and students feel inspired to achieve excellence.

Trinity Grammar School is a leading advocate for agile learning spaces and is passionate about ensuring all facilities and spaces encourage boys to perform their best not only in the classroom, but across all facets of learning.

Research proves that excellence is no longer limited to literacy, numeracy and league tables. While these subjects are of course still imperative, the Creative Arts, Music, Dance and Drama and Visual Arts offer an equal opportunity for students to achieve excellence, and have even been shown to positively impact academic results.

What better way to delve into these wonderful co-curricular programmes than under the roof of unparalleled facilities and performance spaces?

Here are three reasons why performance spaces are crucial for excellence:

1. Inspire creativity
With creativity cited as the third most valuable skill in the workforce, overlooking this fundamental skill at school would be adverse. Schools world-wide are investing in their facilities and performance spaces to inspire creativity and influence learning. The German School in Madrid won an innovation award for its building design which offers special educational programmes during the day, and theatre performances in the evening with common areas, sport and performance spaces including a 750-seat concert hall, connecting individual school buildings. Trinity Grammar School is another prime example of a school who has capitalised their facilities to inspire creativity. It is renowned for its encouragement of music, operating in purpose-built facilities – all of the School’s ensembles rehearse in specialist areas including: large orchestral, band and choir rooms, each acoustically designed and wired for digital recording; 20 practice and ensemble rooms; and a specialised music library. Trinity also has a dedicated onsite art gallery in which to showcase students’ works.

2. Enrich problem-solving 
While problem-solving is commonly taught in Mathematics and similar subjects, this essential skill can be applied in more ways than solving formulas and linear equations. This is particularly encouraging for boys who may resonate with a more hands-on or visual style of learning. Performance spaces that support collaborative learning help boys to brainstorm, deliberate and problem-solve together. The benefits of Performing and Creative Arts are endless, which is why exceptional facilities and resources are crucial for excellence; allowing boys to be part of unprecedented learning opportunities. 

3. Enhances academic-based outcomes 
A University of Sydney research study titled The role of Arts participation in students’ academic and non-academic outcomes, found that students who participate in Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts present more positive academic and personal wellbeing outcomes than students who were not as involved. Academic outcomes were tracked across 15 Australian schools and found that the positive impacts resulted in more motivation, homework completion, class participation, enjoyment of school and education aspirations. Performance spaces are crucial for excellence as they not only provide boys with an opportunity to enhance their academic results, they can also discover their creative spark and fuel their passion to challenge ideologies and premise in the world.

At Trinity we believe all boys should be encouraged to pursue their creative flair and discover their God-given gifts. Our state-of-the-art facilities and performance spaces allow your son to discover a world of endless opportunities and as a result, develop high aspirations for achieving excellence. After all, the Creative Arts are not just for artists.

From its outset, Trinity Grammar School has provided a rich cultural environment enabling boys to recite their stories and express the intangibles of life whether it be through drama, music or art. Recognising the strong links between creative arts and academic performance, Trinity offers a comprehensive creative arts programme for students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12. This rich history has been the foundation for a breadth of performing and exhibition arts being taught, encouraged and fostered by some of the most passionate and expert educators in the country, in some of the best facilities.

To find out why we are one of Sydney’s leading schools for boys and to learn more about our creative arts and the Trinity difference, download our Creative Arts booklet.

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