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Year 6 outdoor adventure at Camp Somerset

Posted by Trinity Grammar School on Jul 17, 2016 6:00:00 AM

170716_Latest-News_-Year-6-Outdoor-Adventure_300x200px.jpgTowards the end of last term, Year 6 students from Trinity Grammar Junior School attended the School’s outdoor adventure facility at Somerset Camp. The boys were very excited and fully informed about what to expect from the experience after having received a visit from the Camp’s guide in the week preceding their trip.  

Veteran of 25 years of outdoor education camps and long-term Year 6 teacher, Patricia Duke said the Year 6 outdoor adventure at Camp Somerset was an outstanding camp for Trinity students. “The unique ‘journey’ aspect of the programme and the quality of the challenges along the way were so much fun.  Our group leader was highly experienced with all aspects of the camp and also outstanding at encouraging our boys to take risks and engage in all tasks.”

“We arrived back at school, many of us in the same clothes we started in, camp paint and mud providing a hint to the parents of our experiences. The boys were buzzing with excitement and exhaustion,” continued Ms Duke.

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Some student reflections:

When I got to camp I was really excited!! I had so much fun. All the activities were amazing. The food was amazing. We did a lot of great activities including, Base 7, rockets, damper and much more. The stand out for me was the Wombat Hole. It was cold and muddy and I nearly stopped at the beginning because I didn’t know where to go, but my friends helped me. This was the best camp in my life. - Sam Darling

First of all, greatest camp ever! I really felt challenged from morning to night and that is basically what made this camp a real one. All the activities including the wombat hole, My Campsite Rules, expedition and my personal favourite, Base 7, puts my rating for this camp to a 10/10. I’m sure that next year, the students in Trinity who will be putting their feet onto the ground of Somerset are definitely going to come back saying it was a blast! Just like we did. - Jude Robinson

As soon as I stepped off the bus I knew that this camp was special. I felt pushed to my limits during all the activities from lighting the fire to going on the high ropes. All the activities were amazing. I loved sneaking up a hill in Base 7 or cooking in My Campsite Rules - they were all flawlessly fun and challenging. This was one of the best camps I have ever been on. The boys and girls that go on to this camp next season will absolutely love it and will not be able to stop talking about it. - Ben Orr

The nausea from the bus vanished as soon as I saw what camp was going to be like, amazing. The activities were great, my favourites were; Base 7, the high ropes, wombat hole and kayaking. The food was the best I’ve ever tasted on camp. We mustn't forget to thank our instructors for a great time. Camp Somerset was the BEST! - James Brockie

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At Trinity Grammar School, Sydney, we encourage and support outdoor adventure experiences as a vital component and essential to growing ‘well-rounded’ boys, building boys’ self-confidence and further enhancing their connectedness to the School.

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