The world is becoming increasingly creative.

Many of the world’s biggest and most successful business have already adopted the 20 percent rule – the commitment to allowing employees to devote 20 percent of their work time to thinking creatively and exploring new ideas.
No longer are creative skills reserved for the artists and musicians - creativity is for everyone.

Benefits of creative and performing arts

The opportunities presented when studying creative and performing arts are beneficial for boys. Strengthening his communication skills, ability to work with a team, knack for problem-solving, and discipline in time management, are just some of the  significant roles creativity plays in enhancing a boy’s academic results.

 Outside of the classroom, creative skills teach boys how to engage with humanity by encouraging them to empathise with other people. Learning to be more creative means helping a boy to become more adaptable. When a boy pursues creativity and engages with performing arts, he learns the necessary skills that prepare him for life.

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Boys and the Arts

Within schools, the role of the Arts has changed significantly. Today’s students are creating more art than ever before, and the Arts play a significant part in boys’ education. Students are making films, composing music, creating artwork and directing performances, and their active and direct involvement in creating art has proven to be beneficial.

Research from Professor Michael Anderson from the University of Sydney found that students who engaged with the Arts in schools as active participants – as makers and doers – were more likely to do better in academic and social spheres than those who passively consumed the Arts.

 Art is important for teenage boys because it creates a unique space for boys to express ideas, interrogate their world, formulate self-identity and to challenge assumptions. Art is more than just a place where the technical skills of painting or photography is taught, but rather a space for boys to engage with politics, religion, philosophy, history and culture.

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A boy’s creativity needs to be developed. Although boys can often be naturally gifted at arts like music or painting, there still needs to be a honing of their skills. As parents, you play a key role in this process. You can encourage your son to explore his creativity by playing and listening to music together, partnering on an art project, visiting museums and art galleries, and having conversations about art and creativity. Your involvement can often be the catalyst for your son identifying and exploring his creative talents. Indeed, your involvement as parents really is the secret to unlocking your son’s creativity.

Developing your son’s creative spirit is crucial, especially in preparing him for the future workforce. According to the World Economic Forum’s The Future of Jobs report, creativity will be the third most valuable skill in the workforce in the next two years. With rapid advancements in technology, artificial intelligence and automation, the next generation will need to be creative and adaptable with proven problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Creativity has become a necessary skill for all aspects of learning and will be a workforce requirement in all industries.

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Music plays a crucial role in enhancing a boy’s education. Particularly in the early years, music helps with a boy’s fine motor development, as well as improving his literacy and numeracy skills. The overall benefits of music education are profound –  music benefits a boy’s future professional success; it provides learning and listening skills, enhances concentration and co-ordination, reduces the impact of stress, fosters creativity, forms self-discipline and time management skills and develops perseverance. Discover our tips for selecting an age-appropriate instrument here.

This makes practising music all the more important. Understandably, getting your children to practise music can be challenging as it requires routine, discipline and often needs to be driven by parents. Although it can be challenging, by making it fun, setting the appropriate goals and providing the right rewards, you can inspire your son to practise music.

Ultimately, many boys end up enjoying learning music as it helps them to meet new friends, build their confidence, and even gives them the opportunity to travel the world.

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Drama and Dance

Public speaking or performing on stage can be challenging for many people. Even the most rational person can become anxious about standing in front of a crowd, yet performing in front of an audience benefits your son in many ways.

The benefits of dance and performing arts are well documented. Discover our tips to encourage boys to dance. Both on stage and off, drama helps to build your son’s character. On stage, drama and dance gives a boy the chance to express himself, build his confidence and demonstrate his creativity. Off stage, it allows a boy to explore unfamiliar territory, ideas and emotions through acting and expression. It exposes boys to new ways of thinking and encourages them to question and evaluate the actions of others. At Trinity, we have a number of behind the scenes creative arts courses. Boys can even learn broadcasting and production skills. 

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Visual Arts

Visual Art offers more than just a creative outlet and the chance to exhibit work. In fact, the visual arts positively impact boys’ lives in many ways. Visual Art enriches a boy’s learning experience. Though the benefits may not seem obvious at first, they all contribute greatly to your son’s holistic development. They empower him to succeed in the classroom and prepare him for his place in the future workplace. Visual art helps to develop boys’ imagination, confidence, inventiveness and collaboration. It opens up their minds to new concepts and a different way of seeing the world. It can also aid academic performance.

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Trinity Arts

At Trinity Grammar School, we believe in the creative potential of boys and encourage them to pursue the creative and performing arts. From the annual Best of the Best Art Exhibition, Shakespeare Festival and the Trinity Arts Festival, to drama opportunities including plays, musicals, and more, boys are offered many opportunities to showcase their creativity, developing their gifting and outwork their God-given skills.