Trinity's Year 7 life skills programme

Trinity's Year 7 Life Skills Programme

Trinity's Life Skills Programme is part of a whole School approach to health and well-being.

In conjunction with the development of ethical, moral and religious values, its goal is to enhance boys’ capacity to be emotionally resilient and socially competent.

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Through student-centred learning models, the Life Skills Programme aims to foster a supportive and connective environment which encourages students to learn from their experiences and the experiences of others.

The Programme exposes students to real life situations and issues, developing important interpersonal and intrapersonal emotional, cognitive and behavioural skills.

The Year 7 programme includes:

  • ‘Your Digital Footprint’ workshop to help students understand the implications of their digital footprint.
  • A number of parent resources.
  • A review of the concept of 'Mindsets' and why some individuals achieve their potential while other equally talented individuals do not.
  • The Peer Support Programme.

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