Trinity's Year 8 life skills programme

Trinity's Year 8 Life Skills Programme

Trinity's Life Skills Programme is part of a whole School approach to health and well-being.

In conjunction with the development of ethical, moral and religious values, its goal is to enhance boys’ capacity to be emotionally resilient and socially competent.

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Through student-centred learning models, the Life Skills Programme aims to foster a supportive and connective environment which encourages students to learn from their experiences and the experiences of others.

In Year 8 students have the opportunity to increase their level of awareness and understanding by learning about the brain and its various functions. ‘Brain Day’ provides a forum for students to combine the theory of brain anatomy with a practical hands-on experience of the brain.

The Year 8 programme includes:

  • Brain care: the importance of sleep, diet and exercise.
  • Cyber safety.
  • An introduction to the School's discipline system and its basis on rights and responsibilities.

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