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How to keep your children cyber safe at home

Posted by Jason Cheers on Dec 16, 2015 6:00:00 AM

How to keep your children cyber safe at homeThe internet has become an integral part of life … and education. It’s a powerful resource, enabling people of all ages to learn and communicate in new ways.

For children, the internet has been ever-present and so it’s an essential tool. But some of us have not grown up with the internet at our fingertips and like many forms of new technology, it can be daunting.

For all its many benefits for both young and old users, there is no denying that the internet in terms of exposing their children to risks, presents a number of challenges for parents.

In many cases, children are more equipped and experienced internet users than their parents. So how can parents protect their children from something they don’t necessarily fully understand?

We’ve identified four key steps for parents to adopt cyber safe practices in the home:

  1. Educate – an essential part of keeping children safe is to make them aware of risks and discuss ways to avoid potential problems. We recommend as an internet safety resource and to find out about educational online programmes suitable for children’s use.
  2. Empower – encourage and support your child so that he can become a confident internet user. Children need to know that they are able to make the right choices and that they can talk to parents about anything that makes them feel uncomfortable online.
  3. Make computers safe – one of the most practical ways of keeping children safe online is to adopt internet content filters and other security software to home computers.
  4. Supervise – boys may behave differently online so it’s important to be involved. Placing computers in family areas can help make supervision easier for parents.

More than anything, it’s important that parents communicate with their sons. Boys need to be confident that they can approach adults to talk about their online activity.

For more information about how you can help your son stay safe on the internet, Trinity has a range of resources available – please click here.

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