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Scholarship Essentials

Many schools offer scholarships to enable deserving students access to a quality education to which they may not have otherwise, by covering all or part of the school fees. There are many reasons why scholarships are important but most significantly, they ensure that students can experience an education that will challenge, extend and inspire them to reach their full potential.

Generally, applications are available to both current students or students from other schools, and have the potential to add diversity and vigour to the student body

Trinity offers a number of scholarships to eligible students annually. Scholarships are highly competitive, and students must demonstrate excellence and achievement in a range of activities. Even our Academic scholarships are not awarded on academic merit alone. You can learn everything you need to know about scholarships at Trinity in our blog: 6 things you need to know about scholarships at Trinity.

Selecting a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. If you are considering, Trinity Grammar School for your son, check out our pro tips for choosing the right school for your child. We uncover five key questions that can help you navigate this decision. 



Year 7 - Academic, Music and Trinitarian (all-round)
Year 10 – Trinitarian (all-round)

Year 7 – February the year preceding entry
Year 10 – May the year preceding entry

Applications can be submitted online on the Trinity website for Year 7 applications, but for Year 10 applications the form is downloaded from the website and completed manually. The application links will only be available once scholarship applications open each year.

The assessment agency will notify you about assessment requirements shortly after applications have been submitted. Students are not allowed to bring any tablets, smart phones or smart watches into the examination.

Exams are usually held at our Summer Hill campus on a Saturday morning. However, the assessment agency will notify you about examination times and location.

A shortlist of candidates will be selected for interview three to four weeks after the academic assessment for Year 7 scholarships, and two weeks after the closing date for Year 10 Scholarship applications.

Successful candidates will be notified one week after the interview.

Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and demonstrated exemplary conduct and excellence in sport, co-curricular, community service and leadership. Music scholarships are also subject to a successful audition. The allocation of scholarships is determined by the standard of applications as well as the number and quality of other successful candidates. The decision of the Head Master is final.

Yes. Should a scholarship recipient not meet the terms of their scholarship, the award can be revoked.

Important dates

Applications open
Year 7
– November of the year an applicant is in Year 5 Download application details
Year 10 – April of the year an applicant is in Year 9 

Applications close
Year 7 – February the year preceding entry
Year 10 – May of the year an applicant is in Year 9. Students will be required to commence at Trinity in Term 4 of Year 9 (which is the first term of Year 10 at Trinity) 

Exam date (Year 7 scholarships only)
Following the submission of applications, the assessment agency will notify you about examination times, but these generally happen in early February, the year before entry. 

Audition date
Auditions usually take place some time after the scholarship examination. Short-listed Music applicants will be notified about audition times by the Music Department.


Academic scholarships

Awarded to students with exceptional academic standing. Candidates are required to provide a hard copy portfolio and sit an academic assessment. These scholarships entitle the holders to remission of tuition fees (whole or part). Although academic excellence is pre-eminent, no scholarship is ever awarded on academic excellence alone.

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Music scholarships

Awarded to boys with outstanding music ability, either instrumental or choral work for entry into the Trinity Academic of Music. Candidates are required to provide a hard copy portfolio, sit an academic assessment and if short-listed, audition. These scholarships entitle the holders to the remission of tuition fees (whole or part).

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All-round scholarships

Year 7

Awarded to boys who excel in multiple areas including academics, sport, music and co-curricular. Candidates are required to provide a hard copy portfolio and sit an academic assessment. 

Year 10

Awarded for Year 10 students who demonstrate exemplary conduct, and excellence in academic performance, music, sport and co-curricular activities. Leadership abilities are also taken into consideration. Candidates are required to provide a hard copy portfolio, including a one-page hand written statement from the applicant. An academic assessment for the Year 10 scholarship is not required.

Interviews and auditions

Candidates are short-listed for interviews shortly after the assessment takes place. Prior to the interview, we recommend researching the School to ensure its education philosophy aligns with that of your family.

During the interview, it is important your son speaks honestly and allows his personality to shine through. He should think of the interview as a conversation rather than a test. You can read our tips on how to prepare for an enrolment interview for more information.

In addition to the interview, short-listed Music scholarship applicants will also undertake an audition. Applicants must arrange an accompanist to attend the audition with them, and perform a musical piece of their choice.

How to apply

All applications must be submitted to the School prior to the closing date using the School’s application form. A hard copy portfolio of the applicant’s achievements must also be submitted.

The hard copy portfolio should include:

  • One-page summary of key achievements (optional)
  • Copies of school reports for the past two years
  • NAPLAN results
  • Academic, sporting, music and community certificates
  • Any other documents you feel are relevant to your child’s application
  • A copy of your son’s birth certificate.
  • *Handwritten statement from the student addressing why they think they should be considered for the scholarship (*Year 10 Scholarship applications only).

Year 7 scholarship applications are now open. Click here for details.

Year 10 scholarship applications are now closed. 

Our blog Tips for preparing a good scholarship application, highlights some great pointers to ensure your application stands out from the competitors.